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Welcome to the Cause Page of
Central Super Territory BCRF
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Central Super Territory BCRF Statistics

Money Raised
Cause Fundraising Goal: $50,000.00
Total Raised: $2,820.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 50
Members Recruited: 51

Thank you for supporting The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Cause Members:
Total Raised$2,820.00  
General Cause Donation$0.00  
Terry Gutierrez$1,725.00  
   Mary Asad$0.00  
   Cheryl Baker$0.00  
   Toni Basilone$150.00  
   Amal Baydoun$0.00  
   Paige Braithwaite$0.00  
   Evelyn Briley$0.00  
   Gina Bryan Keller$0.00  
   Tatiana Campo$0.00  
   Denise Chiem$0.00  
   Diane Cleary$0.00  
   Tracy Colasanti$0.00  
   Jamie Cooper$0.00  
   Lisa Corsover$470.00  
   Ashley de la Torriente$25.00  
   Jill DeFrance$0.00  
   Elizabeth Eve$0.00  
   Jennifer Frisby$0.00  
   Charlotte Gajewski$0.00  
   Michelle Gonzalez$200.00  
   Pat Gullette$0.00  
   Tina Hay$0.00  
   Susan Hiatt$0.00  
   Monique Hoch$0.00  
   Julie Hogan$0.00  
   Gigi Kane$0.00  
   Stefanie Krapohl$0.00  
   Cristina Liviero$50.00  
   Lindsey Loeffert$0.00  
   Alexis Mack$0.00  
   Carmen Maestre$0.00  
   Christopher McKinney$0.00  
   Jody Morgan$0.00  
   Johanna Padilla$0.00  
   Suzanne Popson$0.00  
   Christy Precioso$0.00  
   Marie Principe$0.00  
   Amanda Ragland$200.00  
   Danette Reisner$0.00  
   Jenna Robbins$0.00  
   Lacey Salas$0.00  
   Theresa Selvaggio$0.00  
   Holly Singleton$0.00  
   Mecky Suggs$0.00  
   Ricardo Torres$0.00  
   Kimberly Ugaste$0.00  
   Katelyn Wensink$0.00  
   Cathy White$0.00  
   Kelly Williams$0.00  
   Shelby Young$0.00  
   Ernesto Zayas$0.00  

Your Time For Research contributions are not given directly to individual researchers. Your donations are pooled with those of other donors to establish a research grant.

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