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Welcome to the Cause Page of
The Time For Research Challenge!
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The Time For Research Challenge! Statistics

Money Raised
Cause Fundraising Goal: $1,500.00
Total Raised: $950.00

Thank you for joining the Time For Research Challenge and helping to sponsor life saving research!

<b>Take the Time For Research Challenge!</b><br><br><p><i>What would you give up to support life saving research?</i><br>Coffee for a month?<br>A half-hour of shopping?<br>A movie & popcorn?<br><br><p>Over 600 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer today.<br><br><p>If just 48 people give up $25 to join our Time For Research Challenge, the resulting $1,200 could: <br>1) help set up an experimental model for studying tumor growth; or<br>2) conduct genetic counseling for one woman with newly discovered genetic predisposition for breast cancer.<br><br><p>Add your name to the TFR Challenge Honor Roll by donating your savings this month to help save a life! Thank you.<br><br>

Cause Members:
Total Raised$950.00  
General Cause Donation$950.00  
Patricia Altman$0.00  
   Heather Foote$0.00  

Your Time For Research contributions are not given directly to individual researchers. Your donations are pooled with those of other donors to establish a research grant.

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