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Research fundraising cause

Time For Research™ is The Breast Cancer Research Foundation's online giving program where you can sponsor research time, hour by hour. Use Time For Research to honor someone for a special occasion, birthday, wedding, anniversary, as a pledge program if you're doing a race, or as a group fundraiser at work, at school, anywhere. Currently, 91 cents of every dollar spent by BCRF is directed towards breast cnacer research and awareness programs. Sponsor a half-hour for $25 (minimum donation), an hour for $50, two hours for $100, half a day for $600. There is no limit!

Set a goal for your cause, such as “Help me sponsor 24 hours of live saving research!” Dedicate your cause to a loved one. Invite friends, family and colleagues to support your cause.

To get started, click the top button - under the clock! You can also make a 'Direct Donation' to Time For Research.


Your Time For Research contributions are not given directly to individual researchers. Your donations are pooled with those of other donors to establish a research grant.

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